Volume 26

Speakeasy 26 Cover FinalVol. 26, No. 1, August 2014

Featured ArticleWriting Fluency-A Case of Ten Minutes Timed Writing.

This volume includes discussion of fluency in L2 writing, quality feedback to increase student ability, blended learning environments to support critical thinking, and advantages of teaching listening with reading.

By A. Fujii, T. Dassow, D. Gann, J. Larson, and A. Husson Isozaki.




After a three-year hiatus in the wake of the Tohoku Earthquake, it is a pleasure to publish the 26th edition of the Speakeasy. Readers of past editions will see that it is reborn in design and in spirit. In addition to papers, you will find creative works inspired by the lives of second language teachers and learners.

While the edition you hold in your hand is the fruit of a collaborative effort, special thanks go to Terry Dassow for the design of the webpage and the printed edition. This edition is truly a reflection of Terry’s dedication, vision and hard work. Many thanks also to Co-Editor Harry Meyer for reading the papers and proofreading. And finally, a show of gratitude to John Larson, without whose guidance and steady hand this would have not been possible.